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Why You Should Buy a Vacation Home on Saint Simons Island

Why You Should Buy a Vacation Home on Saint Simons Island

Having a beachside escape as a vacation property is a dream for many people. One great option for a vacation getaway is to have a second home on Saint Simons Island, which is conveniently located off the coast of Georgia. There are many features of Saint Simons Island that can make it a great option for you.

Amazing Beaches

One of the biggest draws to Saint Simons Island is the expansive amount of beachfront, which is often far less crowded than other vacation destinations. One of the most popular beaches on the island is East Beach. This beach is well known for its beautiful white sands, amazing morning sunrises, and plenty of beachside activities.


For those that love to enjoy the wildlife, Saint Simons Island is one of the best places in the country. The Island is full of natural wildlife refuges that will never be touched by development. The Wolf Island National Wildlife Refuge and Cannon’s Pointe Preserve are full of amazing wildlife and plant life and can be explored when you need a break from the beach.

Affordable Housing Options

While most beachside vacation properties come with hefty price tags, there are still many more affordable options in Saint Simons Island. Those that are on a budget can often find an affordable price within a short walk of the beach or even find a vacant lot if they would like to build their beachside dream home. Further, the island is poised for price appreciation, which can make it a great investment as well.

If you are interested in buying a second home in Saint Simons Island, contact us to learn more and start the process of buying your dream home.

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