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Architect Addison Mizner’s Influence on Sea Island Ga Real Estate

It isn’t often that Palm Beach admires Georgia’s barrier island lifestyle.

It’s even less often that Palm Beach’s architectural style is emulated elsewhere. However, in an April 10 article, the Palm Beach Daily News extolled the beauty, luxury and lifestyle of the new Cloister hotel and resort on Sea Island GA.

Sea Island Real Estate ArchitureThe hotel, built in 1928, was demolished, you may remember, in 2003. What rose in its place in 2006 was a monument to architect Addison Mizner’s genius.

Additionally, Sea Island GA real estate, designed by some of the biggest names in architecture, offers cottages in Addison Mizner’s style. Perhaps Palm Beach has a good reason to admire us.

Who Was Addison Mizner?

Before formal education became the thing to do, future professionals apprenticed to an already established professional. Many early doctors, lawyers, craftsmen and artists were educated in this most direct fashion. Mizner traveled around the world with his statesman father while young, becoming entranced by the beauty he saw. Little is known of his art work before the 1920s, but afterward he became known for not only his architectural ability but his watercolors as well.

He was born in California in 1872. He moved to Palm Beach FL for his health. There, he designed and built cottages for the wealthy, comprising vast rooms, arches, pillars, hearths, grand staircases and tile roofs.

He even established a manufacture to produce the materials for his buildings. He used the Mediterranean and Spanish influences that he loved from his travels in his cottages and resorts. He basically made Palm Beach. He passed away in 1933 in his beloved Palm Beach, a celebrated architect.

The Cloister on Sea Island

Mizner designed The Cloister in 1928. It is easy to see the Spanish influence when viewing the outside of the building. The tile roofs, the arches and courtyards all bespeak a Spanish aura. However, the inside is reminiscent of another world. Vaulted arched ceilings in common areas, iron chandeliers and accessories, beamed ceilings in rooms, large suites elegantly appointed and fabulously designed dining rooms (think Titanic times ten) set The Cloister apart from more ordinary resorts.

Appearances were only part of the story, though. If visitors didn’t feel like riding horses that day, they could fish or go boating. Not the sit in the lounge and read type?

Three golf courses gave visitors a day on the links, while nature tours inform visitors what marshes are all about. Today, of course, WiFi is a big hit, while the spa helps visitors loosen up and have some fun. Add to that skeet shooting, archery and bird watching. Visitors might need a vacation to rest up from their vacation!

Sea Island Cottages

When home seekers see the cottages on Sea Island, they might not want to leave the comforts of home. The solarium, library and spa at The Cloister might just fit into an Addison Mizner-style cottage with five beds and six baths in 6,500 square feet. If not, new homeowners will be close enough to stroll over and check it out.

New homeowners will have a grand time furnishing the rooms to accentuate the fireplaces, beamed vaulted ceilings, hardwood floors and a great deal of open space.

Other cottages were designed by famous architects other than Mizner, but his influence is evident in many structures. Sea Island home seekers have a choice between cottages with from four to seven beds and as many baths, all a short stroll away from The Cloister and the resorts, golf courses and beaches.

If home seekers like the cottage life along with handy beaches, stunning resorts with five-star restaurants, golfing, boating and all the other things that come with a life on the water, then contact us to discover why Palm Beach has a good reason to admire us.

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