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Antique Show Helps Residents Furnish Their Slice of Saint Simons Real Estate

Beach chic Saint Simons real estateSaint Simons real estate is more than just sand and seagulls.

It’s packed with history, right down to the wrought-iron clad balconies and tabby walls. Over the centuries, many talented men and women left their architectural fingerprints on the island, including James Gould and Charles Cluskey. The same may be said for those that fashioned the homes’ interior furnishings and décor.

What kind of interior furnishings were common back in the day?

Why not come to the St. Simons Island Antique Show and find out? It’s a superb way to furnish the interior of your St. Simons home or rental property. It’s one of several, annual events that take place within a reasonable distance of our real estate office.

In 2016, it will kick off on November 5th and run through Sunday. Best of all, the antique show’s grounds is surrounded by St. Simons best boutiques and restaurants. So whatever furnishings or décor items you don’t find at the antique show, you’ll surely locate nearby.

In general, good furnishings and décor pieces to look for are those from the Spanish Colonial or Antebellum South eras.

The first is known for textured stucco or tabby, painted tiles, dark woods and iron detailing. The second features some of the same elements as well as medallions, onlays, crystals, rich tapestries, needlepoint and sterling silver accents. So therefore, antiques marked as being in the Hepplewhite, Duncan Phye, Chippendale, Federal and Sheraton styles should suffice.

Of course it isn’t necessary to furnish Saint Simons real estate with antiques. Beach chic is still popular as are a handful of other styles. Those items are likely found at the surrounding shops we’ve already mentioned.

To learn more about furnishing Saint Simons real estate to suit individual tastes, please contact us at DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty today. We’ve got just the right style homes for all.

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