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Additional Jekyll Island Landmarks

Enjoy reading about and going to view more of the amazing Jekyll Island historic landmarks such as the following:

Indian Mound Cottage

Originally, this home was very different both inside and outside, having only the parlor to the right of the front door, one public room, and bedrooms that each had its own bath.

Between 1912 and 1917, William Rockefeller made extensive changes including adding a covered driveway, a hand-operated baggage elevator and dumbwaiter, a walk-in safe, and building a sea wall in front of the house. He also changed columns on the porches from Queen Anne to Doric, changed windows, extended the living room and second floor bedroom with a large rounded bay addition, and painted the natural woodwork with white paint.

The finished cottage contained eight family rooms, six servant/service rooms on the two main floors, and servants’ rooms on the third floor.

DuBignon Cottage

This cottage was originally located on the Sans Souci site when it was built in 1884 but had to be moved in 1896 for the construction of Sans Souci. It must have been quite a sight to see mules pulling the house with logs and skids and lowered to brick piers.

Lattice was added beneath the porch, the colors on the porch posts and window trim were made darker, decorative brackets were added. Other enhancements included placing faux marble on fireplaces and decorative scoring on the floors in the parlor and hallway.

Moss Cottage

The inscription in seashells on the front of this cottage shows it was built in 1896. The rustic appearance reflects the casual lifestyle of those who sought to escape from the city pressures and enjoy hunting, fishing, and the natural beauty of this coastal environment. Downstairs is an entrance hall, a parlor, a game room, a dining room, and a servant’s area with a kitchen and a butler’s pantry.

The upstairs contains five family bedrooms, two full bathrooms, one half bathroom, and a servant’s room. The attic has seven rooms that were most likely servants’ quarters with one bathroom and a storage area. The cottage even has a basement, and originally there was a solarium on the south side of the building.

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