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5 Things to Tell Your Agent When You Buy Sea Island Real Estate

5 Things to Tell Your Agent When You Buy Sea Island Real Estate

Whether you’re buying sea island real estate in order to live there, as a vacation home or just as an investment, it’s important for you to get a good piece of property.

You want to make sure that your home will be comfortable in the years to come or that your property will fetch you a good rental income. When it’s time to sell your property, you want to make sure you get a good price. So buying the right property is important, as is maintaining it in good condition.

Be sure you convey the following pieces of information to your Sea Island real estate agent so that they can help you buy the right property for you:

  1. Are you planning to live there, vacation there or rent it out? The agent will need to know this in order to get you a good property. If you plan to live or vacation there, you’ll need something big enough for your family but if you just want to rent it out, a smaller place will also do
  2. How big is your family? This will determine how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need and whether you want a backyard or not.
  3. Do you work from home? If you do, you’ll probably require a spare room to turn into a home office. Plus, you’ll need to be in a quiet place so that you can concentrate.
  4. What is your budget? You need to be realistic about this and give your agent as much information as possible about your income, savings etc. so that you don’t end up with something that stretches your budget.
  5. Will you be able to fix it up, if needed? Some people don’t mind buying fixer-uppers; they can take a home that hasn’t been maintained well and fix it up themselves. Others aren’t really up for the task. Be sure to tell your agent which camp you fall into.

Contact us to learn more about what questions you should ask yourself when buying a property.

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