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3 Amazing Things to do in St. Simons, GA

3 Amazing Things to do in St. Simons, GA

Summer is the best time to visit St. Simons, GA. One of four barrier islands, St. Simons is located on the south east coast of Georgia. The island is the one of the largest of the barrier islands. Originally inhabited by the Mocama tribe, a historical marker was installed by the Georgia Historical Society in 2002 in St. Simons Park at the site of a Mocama village in commemoration of the original residents.

St. Simons Fishing

St. Simons beautiful marshes and wetlands border the Atlantic Ocean. The island provided well for the Mocama.  Fish and wildlife have always been plentiful on the island and continue to flourish today. Residents enjoy casting crab traps from the St. Simons Pier.  Fish attracted to the areas coastal waters include mackerel, snapper, amberjack, and grouper from spring to fall.

Vacation Getaway

St. Simons is the most developed of the barrier islands. It boasts beautiful hotels for a short get away. A visit may very well turn into a stay.  When visitors see St. Simons they are tempted to stay longer. Extended stay rentals are plentiful on the island as well as seasonal properties.

Extended Stay

St. Simons is in the middle of the larger cities of Jacksonville and Savannah. About an hour and twenty minutes from each of these larger metro areas, St. Simons provides city dwellers with a weekend of calm or a summer of peace.  Whether you are in the market for a vacation rental or would like to buy a coastal property, St. Simons has the best of both worlds.

Leave your worries at home and come to St. Simons for a change of pace. Relax on one of the ever changing sandy beaches. The beach changes with wind and sea patterns and is a new territory to explore everyday.

Work off the stress of the day and go for a bike ride. The trail system on St. Simons and Jekyll Islands leaves nothing to be desired. The sunsets, pristine marshes, and well maintained trails can’t be improved upon!

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