St. Simons Real Estate Makes Florida-Georgia Wildlife Headlines

Wild AlligatorIn September 2015, news agencies in both Florida and Georgia were talking about a certain section of St. Simons real estate, the beach.

It seems that an alligator was purportedly seen swimming in coastal waters. At the time, many people were both surprised and concerned to see the reptile.

Rest assured, it isn’t something that we see on St. Simons Island every day and here’s why:

Biologists widely acknowledge that alligators’ bodies are not like salt water crocodiles or marine animals.

As the Smithsonian National Zoological Park’s experts point out, one has salt glands and the other doesn’t. Guess which one has them. You’re right, it’s the crocodile. It uses the glands like a water filtration system. As such, the creature’s risk of dying from salt overload is eradicated.

Alligators, on the other hand, don’t have that luxury.

So just like humans, they may die after taking in too much salt. Or at the very least, they’ll become extremely ill and unable to function normally. By all of the news reports we saw, that may be what was happening to the creature people reported on the beach. It may also be why it quickly disappeared from the shoreline.

Knowing this, it’s logical to wonder why gators would even attempt a salty swim to begin with. It could be that the reptile’s normal place of refuge experienced some form of disruption, leaving it without food and water.

Also, the gator could have created a refuge in a tidal area with strong currents and accidentally got pulled out farther than it expected. Either way, its biology would prevent it from continuing to roam St. Simons oceanfront property for very long.

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