Mysterious Ghost Stories of the Golden Isles

South Georgia may be known for it’s sunshine and sand, but the Golden Isles can boast one other claim to fame: ghosts! The area has its range of urban legends and ghost stories that have stood the test of time as tales of mystery and intrigue.

Here are a few of the most popular local ghost stories.

Ebo’s Landing Ghosts

A touch of morbid melancholy surrounds the tales of the Ebo’s Landing ghosts. During the slave trade, many Africans were brought to these shores. One such group, a tribe from Nigeria known as the Igbos, decided upon arrival to commit collective suicide instead of submit to their bondage. It’s said that they all walked into Dunbar Creek, where they drowned—and apparently they still haunt this place of their passing.

Mary the Wanderer

True love always makes for a great yarn—even a great ghost story. Mary was said to be a woman on St. Simons Island who was engaged to her true love and anticipating her future life, only to have her fiancé drown not far from shore in a capsized boat. If you see a mysterious floating lantern wandered the St. Simons Island shores, it might just be her.

Christ Church Cemetery A-Glow

Are you afraid of the dark? Apparently a young woman who’s buried on the Christ Church Cemetery grounds on St. Simons Island was, too. It’s said that after she died, her husband came every night to her grave to light a candle for her. Some claim that if you visit the cemetery at night, you can still see a candlelight flickering in the cemetery, even though both of the lovers have long passed away.

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