Enjoy Touring the Natural Wonders of the Georgia Marshes

Enjoy Touring the Natural Wonders of the Georgia MarshesSandy beaches and seaside sun are great to look forward to when visiting oceanside areas in Georgia. It may be easy to forget that tourists can also enjoy the gorgeous natural scenery and wildlife of the southern marshlands where salt and freshwater meet.

Take a Guided Tour

Depending on the area, guided tours of the marshes area available to tourists and residents through conservation groups. They will be familiar with the terrain, the ecosystems, and the wildlife in the area. They’ll be able to provide you a guided tour of the area, with insights into life cycles, local ecosystems and potential opportunities for how to better interact with the natural world around us.

Birdwatching in the Marshes

Are you a fan of birdwatching? Georgia marshes are an excellent location for catching a glimpse of the marsh hen, clapper rail, seaside sparrow and long-billed marsh wren. These marshland birds live and thrive in these distinct, delicate ecosystems that are largely endangered, and are a true natural wonder to behold in the wild.

Kayaking and Paddle Boarding

Get in a great workout while you get up close and personal with the Georgia marshlands. Depending on how balanced and fit you feel, kayaking or paddle boarding can be great ways to take your time, and go at your own pace, as you venture into the marshland area to explore the wetlands in an unassuming and personal way. You can easily rent the gear needed, and choose a path to navigate as you go along.

The Georgia marshlands are a distinct, gorgeous ecosystem with its own creatures and lush greenery. If you aren’t sure where to start, local tour guides are an ideal place to start!

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