St Simons Island Real Estate For Sale

Historic Green Space to Explore: Benefits of St. Simons Real Estate Ownership

St. Simons real estate goes beyond the multi-million dollar homes with spectacular, ocean views. There are plenty of green spaces on the island too and one of the more popular, up and coming areas is Cannon's Point. Cannon's Point has been a part of island history for centuries but wasn't open for public exploration until 2012. It was purchased at that time by a group who sought to preserve it, … [Read more...]

Enjoy these Hidden Gems on St. Simons

Beautiful St. Simons island in Georgia offers numerous activities and events to partake in. But have you ever wondered what living there is like? Well, you can now jump in head first and live like a local by enjoying some of these hidden gems of the island. Who knows, you may love it so much that you'll want to become a local yourself, and own a home right by the beautiful beaches of St … [Read more...]

Robert Abbot, the St. Simons Racial Reformer

An important part of St. Simons Island's history, as well as the history of racial equality in America, was played by the Island-born native named Robert Abbott. Humble Beginnings Characterized  as "the Lonely Warrior" by the biographer Roi Ottley, Robert Abbott was born on St. Simons Island in 1868 to former slave parents. He attended Hampton Institute in Savannah, and when he came of age … [Read more...]

Fall into St Simons Island Real Estate

Fall and winter on Georgia's Golden Isles are spectacular--warm enough for days on the marsh, the golf courses, and the beach, and cool enough for evenings by the fire. The phrase "sweater weather" could have been coined for St Simons Island. After the heat and humidity of the summer months, the average daily highs are in the high 70s, and the lows don't get much below 40. August on St Simons … [Read more...]

St Simons Real Estate–What’s Right For You?

If you've spent any time at all on St Simons or Sea Island, you know what they have to offer--pristine beaches, lots of history, great shopping and dining, amazing marshes and nature, and fantastic golf courses. So it's only natural that this is where you want your second home or retirement home, the only real question is what sort of home do you want? Are you a laid-back on the beach type, or … [Read more...]

Upcoming September Events In St. Simons

Do you love the beautiful, whimsical St. Simons? There's so much to see and do here that you'd never get tired of the area, but did you know about the exciting events St. Simons residents hold every month? Check out these September events, guaranteed to make your week! September 9th: A deliciously stuffed farmer's market with live music, local artists, freshly baked goods, and the best … [Read more...]

Finding Your New Home – Saint Simons Real Estate

Is it time to treat yourself to that beach house you've always wanted? It's always a good time to invest in  St Simons--either as your primary residence or a second home. St Simons offers the best of beach living--long stretches of pristine beaches, and world class golf, shopping and dining--in a quiet haven surrounded by marshes and the Atlantic ocean. It's the marshlands that really set St … [Read more...]

Saint Simons Real Estate and Artists

Becoming Attached to Saint Simons The people who eventually purchase Saint Simons real estate will typically visit the area first as tourists. Many of them will love it so much that they never want to leave. Visitors will all come to adore Saint Simons for their own reasons. Some people will like the local community. Other people will enjoy spending time on water sports. Most people become … [Read more...]

Saint Simons Real Estate and Life in an Area That Attracts Tourists

Living Alongside Tourists When people buy Saint Simons real estate, whether they're getting a second home or a new first home, they will quickly learn what it's like to live in an area that tends to be popular among tourists. It's certainly a unique experience. An Area Popular With Tourists and Residents  For one thing, tourists and people interested in Saint Simons real estate will both … [Read more...]

St. Simons Island Real Estate: Where Natural Artwork is Close a Hand

When it comes to St. Simons real estate, there are man-made art galleries on offer and then there’s something else. It’s the artistic displays created by Mother Nature. They’re all over the Golden Islands. You’ll especially see them in the salt marshes, on tree-lined avenues and decorating the beaches. Regarding the latter, it’s not uncommon to find a number of treasures, including … [Read more...]

Real Estate: Saint Simons Makes The Perfect Spring Break Destination

It's springtime again, and you know what that means: the kids will be out of school for a week for spring break. Like many American families, you're probably looking for that perfect warm, not too crowded, family friendly spring break vacation spot. Instead of the usual Florida vacation with overcrowded beaches and loud college students, take your family to the picturesque Saint Simons, … [Read more...]

Explore Sections of Saint Simons’ Historic Real Estate for Free in February 2017

There are more than a handful of iconic structures dotting Saint Simons real estate. However, perhaps none has inspired more romantic thoughts than the Saint Simons Lighthouse. It stands like a beautiful, old sentry over part of the island and come February 5th, people will be able to visit the top for free. The waived admission fee is part of a broader event known as Super Museum … [Read more...]

St Simons Real Estate and its Historic Surroundings

You will want to be sure to visit St. Simons Island if you ever find yourself in coastal Georgia. St. Simons real estate is in great demand thanks to its scenic and historic location. While the island is most well known for its natural beauty, it boasts a number of historic attractions as well. We have put together a list of three of the most interesting for you to visit when you need a break … [Read more...]

Storytellers Flock to Rent Saint Simons Real Estate Before Annual Festival

Many a scene has taken place on Saint Simons real estate and they haven’t all been based in fact. Some are fanciful yarns spun from the brain waves of the world’s best storytellers. Such will be the case again come February 2017 when the island plays host to the Golden Isles’ most-loved Storytelling Festival. Billed as an annual event, it’s scheduled to run from the 18th through the … [Read more...]

Abundant St. Simons Real Estate: No Reason to Stop Dreaming

Thanks to HGTV, the world has been talking about St. Simons real estate. Noted for its beautiful homes, the network hopes to give one away next year. Of course more than one person will try to win the home. So what happens to those that enter the giveaway but ultimately lose? We’re hoping that they’ll take the time to get familiar with the barrier islands other gorgeous properties. At … [Read more...]

St. Simons Real Estate: Great Alternatives to Living Right on the Beach

There are times when it’s not possible to find a home right on the beach but that doesn’t mean one should give up on St. Simons real estate. There are many homes for sale or rent within minutes of the island’s best beach spots. One popular area to settle is around Massengale Park. Open year-round, the park is close to residential homes as well as small businesses. You’ll find it located … [Read more...]

Antique Show Helps Residents Furnish Their Slice of Saint Simons Real Estate

Saint Simons real estate is more than just sand and seagulls. It’s packed with history, right down to the wrought-iron clad balconies and tabby walls. Over the centuries, many talented men and women left their architectural fingerprints on the island, including James Gould and Charles Cluskey. The same may be said for those that fashioned the homes’ interior furnishings and décor. What … [Read more...]

Sensational Star Gazing While Viewing St. Simons Real Estate

Did you recently catch a glimpse of Donald Sutherland or another Hollywood A-Lister strolling across St. Simons real estate? Maybe at the time, you thought the old eyes were acting up. But we can tell you, chances are they were not. Just before the start of Labor Day Weekend 2016, the 81-year-old Canadian was here on business along with several other Tinsel Town favorites. He and his cohorts … [Read more...]

Day Trips from St. Simons Island — Part Two

Continuing with suggestions for day trips close to St. Simons Island, here are some more ideas. Old Town in Brunswick The historic Old Town is a National Register District with interesting specialty shops, antique shops, and art galleries. Majestic homes are unique with their elegant turn-of-the-century styles. Fleets of shrimp boats seen from the Mary Ross Waterfront Park are important … [Read more...]

St. Simons Real Estate Puts Pickleball Faithful Close to the Best Courts

St. Simons real estate is attractive to sporty people of all types. It’s within an easy drive of Coastal Georgia’s best fishing tournaments, sporting clays, golf courses, tennis courts, Olympic-size pools and bicycle trails. Plus, it is a great place to enjoy sports that aren’t necessarily in everyone’s wheelhouse. Which sports are those? For starters, how about playing … [Read more...]

Saint Simons Real Estate & Fort Frederica History

It was 1742, British forces collided with Spanish conquistadores to determine the fate of Georgia on St. Simons Island. The battle at Fort Frederica guaranteed Georgia’s future as a colony of Britain. The remains of the fort are still available for public viewing. We can all experience St. Simons Island from the very beginning. James Oglethorpe built the fort beginning in 1736. It was … [Read more...]

St. Simons Real Estate: Riches Await Summer Visitors

For many people who comb St. Simons real estate for treasures, it’s a thrill to find sand dollars. As such, the organisms are one of the most sought after beach combing finds around. Unfortunately in their excitement, many visitors forget to check and see if the marine creatures are alive or dead before placing them into their beach bags or pails. Having lived in the Golden Isles for many … [Read more...]

Thirsty for St. Simons Real Estate History and Cold Brews?

The next time you’re viewing St. Simons real estate; don’t forget to take in a bit of history along the way. There are scores of important sites open to the public, including Fort Frederica. We’ve mentioned its history before, in previous blog posts. But that was before the site’s caretakers released information about guided tours. Scheduled throughout the spring and summer, they’re … [Read more...]

Saint Simons Real Estate: Butler Mews Richness of Beach Life

Did you know that Saint Simons real estatewith oceanfront views is available for sale near the famed fishing pier? One of the properties is on Georgia Street, which is part of an area known as Butler Mews. What’s Butler Mews got to offer ocean lovers beside panoramic views? How about a little history? The area was once the stomping grounds of several famous people, including an Astor Cup … [Read more...]

St. Simons Real Estate: More Than What Visitors See on Trolley Tours

Each year, thousands of visitors step on board trolleys to admire St. Simons real estate from afar. And as long-time agents, we can certainly see why. There are many beautiful buildings on the island and local trolley tour providers frequently include them in their offerings. There’s just one problem with the trips. They don’t give visitors a chance to walk inside St. Simons real estate … [Read more...]

Saint Simons Real Estate is Green: Want to Live Green in the New Year?

Usually New Year's resolutions involve assuaging the guilt of overindulging during the holidays by dieting, spending less money and spending more time with the family. Many families devote the New Year to searching for a green home in an effort to live a greener life. Lots of folks don't know where to start. While you're searching for green Saint Simons real estate, might we suggest a few … [Read more...]

Need a Getaway When Old Man Winter Visits? St Simons Real Estate Awaits You!

Colder weather can be seriously detrimental to the health of young folks, seniors and anyone else when cold weather exacerbates illnesses or physical conditions. People who seek out warmer climes during cold weather are called snow birds, but that’s not what it’s all about. Seeking warmer climes is all about remaining independent, about not allowing the illnesses to render their sufferers … [Read more...]

St. Simons Real Estate Makes Florida-Georgia Wildlife Headlines

In September 2015, news agencies in both Florida and Georgia were talking about a certain section of St. Simons real estate, the beach. It seems that an alligator was purportedly seen swimming in coastal waters. At the time, many people were both surprised and concerned to see the reptile. Rest assured, it isn’t something that we see on St. Simons Island every day and here’s why: Biologists … [Read more...]

St. Simons Real Estate Slated Upcoming Country Music Concert

Oftentimes, it’s the sound of Gullah or orchestra music that fills the island air this time of year. However this November 2015, St. Simons real estate owners will undoubtedly hear the melodious sounds of country music too. Why? One of country music’s finest women will be taking the airport’s stage in the name of charity. The woman is none other than Martina McBride. The 49-year-old, … [Read more...]

Saint Simons Real Estate: Perfect for Palm Trees Lovers

Many people from out of the area who purchase Saint Simons real estate wonder if they can plant palm trees on their respective properties. In fact, they can as long as they choose palms capable of living in U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Zone 9a (20F to 25F). In general, palms that fall into the zone must be classified as cold hardy. Surprisingly, there are a number of palms that fall … [Read more...]