St Simons Island Real Estate For Sale

St. Simon’s Island Real Estate for Sale: New Golfing Twist

The word is out: St. Simons Island is THE place to be. The island has always been known for its nature walks, fishing, its world-class hotels and resorts, but not necessarily for golfing. That has changed, however, with the entry of Davis Love III to the Sea Island Golf Club. Son and grandson of Pro Tour golfers, Love set out to establish world-class golfing on the island, utilizing the … [Read more...]

St. Simons Island Real Estate & Autumn Fishing?

The autumn fishing season is just about to start and if you’d like to get in on the excitement, we’d suggest looking into St. Simons Island real estate. Depending on the location of your new home, it may be possible to enjoy both inshore and offshore opportunities. A few of the fish that you may catch after casting a line inshore are flounder, speckled trout, bass and redfish. Most are … [Read more...]

St. Simons Island Real Estate for Sale: The Perks of Life’s Labors

With Labor Day 2015 briskly approaching, our thoughts turn towards why Americans spend large portions of their lives working hard. Perhaps it is the call of the perks that often come from a lifetime of labor. The perks laborious Americans seek clearly vary per individual. However, for many, it’s a chance to take advantage of St. Simons Island real estate for sale or rent. Reasons for … [Read more...]

Salt Marshes & St. Simons Island Waterfront Properties Appeal

Have you ever spied a salt marsh near an attractive piece of St. Simons Island waterfront properties and wanted to take a closer look? If so, you are one of many people who have been captivated by them over the years, Sidney Lanier being among the most famous. They are amazing places that attract more than just people in search of St. Simons Island real estate. Salt marshes are also rich in … [Read more...]

St. Simons Island Real Estate: See What South End Village Has to Offer Kids

Families searching for a section of St. Simons Island real estate to call their own may want to look no further than the south end village area. It offers residents easy access to a myriad of year round activities and beautiful homes. For example, Neptune Park Fun Zone is one south end village hot spot that families traditionally love to visit during the warmer months of the year. Tucked away … [Read more...]

Stillwater Real Estate on St Simons Island Charm

Close your eyes and imagine living in an estate-size home overlooking a beautiful marsh or stocked lake. All of the homes situated near yours are equally stunning. They’re designed with architectural guidelines in mind and surrounded by impeccable landscaping. In addition, there are first-class tennis courts, a golf course, marina, gourmet restaurants and boutiques nearby. Now what if we told … [Read more...]

St. Simons Island Real Estate for Sale: and Gator Hunting

Have you ever wanted to enjoy an exhilarating, South Georgia hunting experience that will test your nerves and skills? If so, you might want to check out St. Simons Island real estate for sale now and make plans to join this year’s gator hunts. Even though the start of gator season is far off, there is a long lead up to the kickoff and a series of tasks that must be completed during that … [Read more...]

St. Simons Island Real Estate: Reconnect with Your West African Heritage

Have you ever heard of the Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor? It stretches more than 12,800-square miles and includes St. Simons Island real estate. The corridor’s roots trace back to the 1700s, which was our area’s plantation era. During that time, West Africans were taken from the country’s Windward Coast and brought to places like Cannon’s Point and Hofwyl-Broadfield. While … [Read more...]

St. Simons Island Real Estate for Sale: Come Live Near Gould’s Inlet

St. Simons Island real estate for sale or rental properties offer interested individuals a wide array of popular locations to choose from. Some of those properties are located within a seashell’s throw from Gould’s Inlet, like the 5,500-square foot home on Sixteenth Street that is currently up for sale. It’s located in the East Beach Subdivision and features postcard worthy views of the … [Read more...]

St. Simons Island Real Estate: Say Hola! to Spanish Revival Style Homes

In a previous post, we talked about some of the architects that influenced Coastal Georgia’s landscape. Among them were Barry Sugerman, Addison Mizner, Francis Abreu and W. Frank McCall Junior. Today, we wanted to branch slightly off topic and talk about the Spanish architecture found throughout real estate on St Simons Island. They include variations like mission revival, pueblo revival, … [Read more...]

St. Simons Island Real Estate for Sale: Come Live Near the Frederica River

In the Golden Isles, you'll find St. Simons Island real estate for sale on, and near the Frederica River. Understandably, many of the properties offer buyers fantastic views of the 11-mile long tidal river as well as highly sought after amenities like salt water pools, covered parking, hot tubs, easy access to fitness trails and grilling pavilions. Of course there’s also the draw of the … [Read more...]

Help Preserve St. Simons Island Real Estate and Eat Oysters in November

In November, many Georgians will have their minds on more than just turkey and cornbread stuffing. That’s because there’s also the Annual SSLT Oyster Roast to look forward to. It’s a great opportunity to help preserve St. Simons Island real estate, listen to live music and enjoy the freshest oysters around. This year, it’s set to take place at Gascoigne Park the evening of the 22nd and we … [Read more...]

St. Simons Island Real Estate is Dear to More Than Just Humans

Did you know that St. Simons Island real estate is dear to more than just humans? According to a recent Florida Times Union article, it’s also apparently quite popular with fallow deer too. Interestingly enough, the animals’ lineage may be traced back to 1927 and a certain New York City zoo. Here’s the back story: In 2009, the Journal of Wildlife Diseases reported that people … [Read more...]

Do You Want to Shag Dance on a Slice of St. Simons Island Real Estate?

Don’t let the name Carolina shag fool you. There is more than one southern state where people can go to get their shag dance groove on and Georgia happens to be among the best of them. Don’t know how to shag? Don’t worry. There’s a slice of real estate on St Simons Island where people will be more than happy to teach you how to shake a flip flop and belly roll. The place is known as … [Read more...]

Kingfish Tournaments and St. Simons Island Real Estate for Sale Tempt Many

Southern kingfish tournaments and St. Simons Island real estate for sale are two of the things that consistently draw anglers from all over the world to Southeast Georgia. And being from the area, we can understand why sport fishing enthusiasts feel the need to park their fishing poles on Saint Simons and Sea Island soil. St. Simons Island is home to many different fishing … [Read more...]

St. Simons Island Real Estate Happenings: Soul Gravy Set to Fire Up the Crowds

St. Simons Island real estate owners are already enjoying the 25th Anniversary season of the outdoor concert series, Jazz in the Park. But things are really expected to get fired up on June 29th. That’s when one of the Golden Isles’ beloved bands, Soul Gravy, are expected to take center stage. Soul Gravy is made up of four, ultra talented entertainers. Their names are Cliff Bragdon, Jessica … [Read more...]

St. Simons Island GA Real Estate Owners May Take Joy in Attending Movie Night Program

With all of the exquisite St. Simons Island GA real estate that exists, it is no wonder that many of our area’s residents feel inspired to express themselves in creative ways. One group that promotes such artistic behavior is the Literary Guild of St. Simons Island. They often hold fantastic events that island visitors and St. Simons real estate owners alike are welcome to attend. Starting on … [Read more...]

St. Simons Island Real Estate to Be Featured On the Big Screen

Have you heard the news yet? Come November 24th, 2013, the land down under will become just a bit more familiar with St. Simons Island real estate. That’s the date Paramount Pictures’ funny film, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues is scheduled for release in Sydney. Unfortunately, it isn't expected to hit America’s big screens until December 20th. Some folks may recall that St. Simons real … [Read more...]

St. Simons Island Real Estate: An Overview of Tabby Buildings

Did you know that people have been making the most of St. Simons Island real estate since the Late Archaic Period? It’s true. At the time, the rudimentary settlements belonged to indigenous people. By the 1500s, homes on the island were occupied by the Guale Indians and the Spanish missionaries that hoped to reform them. In later years, other groups migrated to the island as well. Of course as … [Read more...]

Upcoming Events To Check Out While Enjoying St Simons Island Real Estate

There's always plenty to do when you're on St. Simon's Island, whether you enjoy taking a bike ride, relaxing at the beach, or throwing a line in. Over the next month there are a few activities that have the island hopping, so check out St Simons Island real estate and set aside a few days to check out the latest upcoming events. Events St Simons Island Real Estate Owners Love to Attend St … [Read more...]

St Simons Island Vacation Real Estate Provides Fall Getaway

Fall is the perfect time to plan a vacation. The weather is comfortable, the scenery is beautiful, and the crowds from the summer are gone. If you're looking for a scenic spot to spend some autumn days, St Simons vacation real estate is an excellent choice. Things to Do When Renting or Buying St. Simons Island Vacation Real Estate If you like to stay busy while on vacation, there are plenty of … [Read more...]

St. Simons Island Real Estate: Beachcombing for Georgia’s Seashells

Beachcombing for abandoned seashells is a popular activity among St. Simons Island real estate owners and visitors alike. Many people that hunt for coastal Georgia’s seashells like to incorporate their best finds into their St. Simons Island homes' décor. Others like to just record what they have found and leave the shells behind. With that said, here’s a look at some of the island’s public … [Read more...]

St. Simons Island Real Estate Agent’s Tip: Hosting a Low Country Boil

It is no secret that Coastal Georgia living has great appeal for many Americans. For some, that appeal includes the joys of participating in a low country boil. With that said, we decided to switch gears this week and offer up some of our St. Simons' Island real estate agent's tips for throwing one heck of a seafood feast. Here they are: Tip #1 – Keep the Food Menu Simple Low country boils on … [Read more...]

St. Simons’ Real Estate: Upcoming Fall Events to Enjoy in Georgia

Because of the wonderful temperatures, southern hospitality, beautiful real estate and boundless activities, St. Simons’ Island is a great place to visit in the fall. Included on that list of boundless activities are a series of entertaining festivals and special events. Here’s a glimpse at several to consider adding to your “must do” list: St. Simons’ Island Antique Show – (Sept., … [Read more...]

Property on St Simons Islands: Searchlights & Lighthouses

Nowadays, lighthouses and searchlights are used for everything from decorations to advertising tools. However, it wasn't always that way. Here's a look at their history and suggestions on how to incorporate them into your property on St Simons Island's dï¿©cor: Lighthouse History Let's start off with a brief look at lighthouse history. According to various sources, the first American version … [Read more...]

St. Simons Island Real Estate: A Spirited Place to Dwell

Ask any St. Simons Island real estate agent about the area and you’ll quickly learn that it’s a spirited place to dwell. The region is known for its colorful legends, including those surrounding the tree spirits. They are not ethereal beings known to shiver a soul or two. Rather they are living works of art designed to honor the island’s maritime dead. Tree Spirits on St Simons Island The … [Read more...]

Pamper Yourself While Visiting Saint Simons Real Estate

Vacations are for enjoying your time off and doing things you might not have time to do otherwise. While on vacation on Saint Simon's Island, take the time to visit one of the many spas or wellness centers. It's a great way to treat yourself while enjoying your Saint Simons real estate. Visit a Spa on Saint Simons Island If you need a little pick-me-up, choose one of several shops to offer … [Read more...]

St Simons Island Real Estate: Something for Everyone

The things that make life important are family, friends and good neighbors. Being able to enjoy the simple pleasures of life with these people is especially rewarding, and purchasing St. Simons Island real estate offers many opportunities to do that. DeLoach Sotheby's International Realty currently lists all real estate for sale on St. Simons Island that can bring you closer to the amenities this … [Read more...]

St Simons Island Real Estate: How Much Does a Home Cost?

A March 2013 St Simons Island real estate market snapshot. How Does St Simons Island Real Estate Compare to the National Average? According to Zillow homes in the 31522 zip code have higher market values compared to the national average. St Simons Island real estate had a median home value of $307,900 compared to $158,100 nationally. More interesting is the percentage of properties in this area … [Read more...]

St Simons Island Real Estate Close to Georgia Sea Turtle Center

St Simons Island Real Estate Owners Explore the Georgia Turtle Center  Disney's Finding Nemo brought about a generation of people who fell in love with a little sea turtle named Squirt, and his dad, Crush. Since then, interest in sea turtles has been high, and adults and children alike are infatuated with them. One of the benefits of St Simons Island real estate is its close proximity to the … [Read more...]