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Sea Island Real Estate: Don’t Crawl If You Want to Catch Sight of the Turtles

Every day has the potential to be a “shell-abration” when you own Sea Island real estate. Why? This stretch of Golden Isles’ shoreline is home to a number of turtles, both land and aquatic. Of course the aquatic tend to capture more mainstream headlines due to their nesting and mating behaviors, which are considered a rite of late spring as well as early summer. With that in mind, now’s the … [Read more...]

Sea Island’s Black Banks Homeowners Benefit from Proximity to Award Winner

Feted over by such easily recognizable entities as Forbes Travel Guide, Sea Island is the place to settle down a while in 2017. And perhaps there is no better section of the barrier island to do so than the Black Banks River Residences. Unlike some other pieces of Sea Island real estate, these homes come with access to the very award-winning amenities that noted travel guides love to gush … [Read more...]

Looking to Plant More Than Just Your Feet on Sea Island, GA Real Estate?

Sea Island, Georgia, real estate has always been known as a great place to grow an array of vegetation. At one time, like the rest of the Golden Isles, it was dotted with plantations. Accordingly, the soil supported edible plants and flowers. The plantations’ gardens weren’t the only areas former residents chose to plant vegetation. In addition, the island’s resort area was known as the … [Read more...]

Waterfront Sea Island Real Estate Boasts Best Docks & Lifts for Boaters

Sea Island waterfront real estate often includes marsh front homes with docks. Some people may not see the docks as the properties’ most important features but there are those who do. Examples include buyers who hope to bring their existing boats along or invest in deep water yachts. That said, we wanted to point out this Forty Seventh Street Sea Island property. Unlike others, it features … [Read more...]

Sea Island GA Real Estate: Ideal for Fans of the Famed Architect, William Jay

We’ve got a great, albeit tricky, question for you. When is Sea Island GA real estate like the City of Savannah? The answer is rooted in architectural history and has loose ties to two people as well as Oglethorpe Square. Give up? Well, before you do, take a look at Sea Island home Cottage 526. The home looks like it was ripped from the pages of the beloved book, Midnight in the Garden of … [Read more...]

Sea Island Real Estate Offers Buyers Opportunity to Live in Antebellum Home

Our current array of Sea Island real estate offerings includes a beautiful home that thanks to architectural forethought, gives off an antebellum vibe. You’ll find it sitting on a 1.250 acre lot in the vicinity of West Fifty Fifth, complete with stunning, marsh views. But be advised of one thing. The Sea Island home’s 8,204-square foot living space wasn’t constructed during the pre-civil … [Read more...]

Lesson in Sea Island Georgia Real Estate History

It doesn’t matter if you are just visiting Sea Island, Georgia, or if you are fortunate enough to own real estate there, you will never lack for entertainment or inspiration. From three of the country’s top resorts and spas to championship golf courses and a rich history full of the country’s most elite and powerful as guests, there is always something to occupy your mind and body. The … [Read more...]

The RSM Classic 2016 is Coming: Secure Sea Island Real Estate Rentals

As the RSM Classic 2016 draws near, real estate on Sea Island is on the minds of many sports fans. Set to begin in mid November, the popular PGA Tour event is sure to send duffers swinging for the best rental properties around. So the smart thing to do is check out what’s available for rent near the Sea Island Golf Course now. Our agents may help golfers and their loved ones complete that … [Read more...]

A Look at Sea Island Real Estate in GA

Sea Island Georgia real estate is an excellent investment, especially for vacation home owners. This friendly, beautiful location appeals to people who appreciate heartfelt hospitality and gracious, Southern-style service. According to Travel and Leisure's 2013 and 2014 World's Best Resorts, the island is home to two of the most highly rated resorts in the Continental United States, and one of … [Read more...]

Viewing Sea Island Georgia Real Estate from Horseback

Few experiences can top racing a horse at supersonic speeds through the frothing surf on a beach. Not many people are privileged to ride their horses on nature paths, so they can view, well, nature. We bet you’ve never dismounted only to climb into a kayak to view the wonders of surf and turf. Sea Island Georgia real estate includes some of the most stunning views, paths and nature walks in … [Read more...]

Sea Island GA Real Estate: Family Fun for Everyone on the Golden Isles

It's true that any visitor to the Golden Isles, of Georgia's eastern coastline, experiences the beauty of nature coupled with sensory overload of luxury homes and lifestlye. But, this opulence seen in the residences and resorts, does not equate to a stuffy, pretentious, atmosphere or constituency. In fact, St. Simons, Jekyll and Sea Island boast a warm, welcoming, beachy feel with some of the … [Read more...]

Sea Island Real Estate is Immersed in Luxury

When one thinks of celebrity status, one typically pictures the west coast or a New York skyline. But journeying to the southeast coast of Georgia, there is a little known bastion of privacy, with every luxury possible. Our most distinguished clients bask in lavish surroundings of both pristine waters and elegant accommodations. It's no wonder those wishing to experience celebrity status, … [Read more...]

St Simons Island Real Estate & July 4th Get Away

Before you know it, summer will be here and the most popular week of the year is the 4th of July. Here at St. Simon's Island there are activities to make the holiday special, in addition to all the fun things you can do all summer long. If you're looking for the perfect getaway for the 4th, St Simons Island real estate has a place for you. You will definitely want to check out The Fourth of … [Read more...]

Sea Island Real Estate: Sun Plus Southern Culture

There is just something special about the south. It goes beyond the iconic images of palatial homes and tall, frosty glasses of sweet tea sipped by people on covered porches. It’s more than succulent shrimp perched on a sea of creamy grits. And it is certainly more than sun-kissed palm trees. A tour of Sea Island real estate will quickly confirm that, especially if it’s combined with … [Read more...]

Sea Island Georgia Notable Lives: Anna Matilda Page King

The Avenue of the Oaks welcomes all who visit the Sea Island Golf Club. The 150-year old oak trees, planted by Anna Matilda Page King, survive today as a testament to the glory of Sea Island Georgia. Anna planted the magnificent double row of live oak trees to serve as the entrance to Retreat Plantation. Retreat Plantation was a two-thousand-acre property founded and developed by William … [Read more...]

Sea Island GA Real Estate Helps Players Dust Off Their Rackets This Spring

Do you love to watch and play tennis? Are you itching to dust off your racket and get on to the court or root for your favorite player? If so, put renting Sea Island, GA real estate on to your agenda this week. Why? The Sea Island Tennis Cup is coming and you likely won’t want to miss it. What is the Sea Island Tennis Cup? It’s an annual event overseen by a very famous pro athlete, Luke … [Read more...]

Sea Island Real Estate Remains a Priority for Many Beach Lovers

Sea Island real estate owners received a bit of positive news in January 2016. The Florida Times-Union contributor, Terry Dickson, reported on the story. Dickson noted that starting this year, learned scientists will be taking a closer look at something many coastal residents take for granted, sand. Sand obviously is found throughout Sea Island real estate so why is it such a concern for … [Read more...]

Sea Island Real Estate Set to Host a Crossover Concert in December 2015

December is a special time in Coastal Georgia and with all of the concerts scheduled to occur on Sea Island real estate, this year will be exceptionally festive. Although all of the musical acts are likely to draw a crowd, many are highly anticipating the Vivace concert. Considered part of the Golden Isles Live Series, it is set to take place on Friday the 11th. What has put word of the … [Read more...]

Sea Island Real Estate Rentals Help Families Enjoy Christmas Coastal Style

Christmas celebrations take on a whole new meaning when the family is gathered together on Sea Island. Tucked away in Glynn County, the island and surrounding areas boast a number of festive ways to make merry. It all begins with choosing Sea Island real estate palatial enough to accommodate everyone on a family’s guest list. And that can be tough given how many exquisite, rental homes are … [Read more...]

Sea Island, Georgia, Real Estate: Talking Turkey & Tripoli

Do you like to watch FOX & Friends? If so, you already know who Brian Kilmeade is and his apparent love of history. What may shock you is where he’ll be spending part of this Thanksgiving weekend this year. And yes, it has something to do with Sea Island, Georgia, real estate. So you may want to spend your Thanksgiving in the Golden Isles too. If you decide to visit, it will give … [Read more...]

Sea Island GA Real Estate Owners to Welcome Creative Couple in October

We’ve noted it many times before. Authors love Sea Island, GA, real estate. They come here to channel their inner muse, relax by the shore and celebrate their latest, published works. There are also those occasions when they stop by to share their expertise with island residents who are hoping to have similar careers of their own. Such is the case this October when two talented writers will … [Read more...]

Sea Island Real Estate: Waterfront & Coastal Cottages

When many people think about waterfront or coastal living, cute cottages and cozy bungalows come to mind. However, Sea Island real estate includes more than small to modest size homes. There are large residences and stunning mansions on offer too. They are ideal for people in need of spacious, private living arrangements. How big are some of those properties? Let’s take a quick … [Read more...]

Sea Island, Georgia, Real Estate “Wild” Event in August 2015

Sea Island, Georgia, is the preferred location to be in August 2015. Starting on the 14th, the island will play host to a venerable, annual event known as the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition. For those unfamiliar with the exposition, it has been taking place annually since the early 1980s. The group behind the annual event is based in South Carolina. Their primary focus is the preservation of … [Read more...]

Architect Addison Mizner’s Influence on Sea Island Ga Real Estate

It isn’t often that Palm Beach admires Georgia’s barrier island lifestyle. It’s even less often that Palm Beach’s architectural style is emulated elsewhere. However, in an April 10 article, the Palm Beach Daily News extolled the beauty, luxury and lifestyle of the new Cloister hotel and resort on Sea Island GA. The hotel, built in 1928, was demolished, you may remember, in 2003. What … [Read more...]

Sea Island GA Real Estate Hosting Star-Studded Golf Event in 2015

Sea Island, GA real estate has a reputation of attracting both professional and amateur golfers to its sandy shores throughout the year. So, it should come as no bombshell that the area has a history of hosting well-attended, international golfing events too. What Sea Island golfing fans may not realize is one such event is slated to take place this August. It’s called the Necker Open … [Read more...]

Sea Island Real Estate Owners Set to Meet 3 Nat Geo Celebs in Summer 2015

National Geographic viewers who own Sea Island real estate may want to take note. A trio of channel affiliated celebs will be participating in three special events on the island this summer. They are Bryan Smith, Jodi Cobb and Dr. Sylvia Earle. Smith is set to speak first in the middle of July and his learned cohorts are expected to follow with Sea Island speaking engagements of their own. Sea … [Read more...]

Exploring Ocean Forest Sea Island Real Estate for Golfers

Is Sea Island, Georgia real estate for the golfer in you? Why not make plans to explore Ocean Forest homes for sale and find out? Ocean Forest Real Estate Listings on Sea Island Ocean Forest is a gated community that’s as close to the Ocean Forest Golf Course as a duffer can get without setting up a pillow and blanket on the 18th hole. It’s composed of four different types of … [Read more...]

Sea Island Real Estate Lake Cottages

Sea Island real estate isn't all about sea breezes and ocean views. There are private, gated communities that overlook the area’s many interconnected lakes and marshes too. One area in particular is known as the Sea Island Lake Cottages. Positioned close to the iconic Sea Island resort, it features Old World style town homes with lake and marsh views. Many of them were designed by noted … [Read more...]

St. Simons Island Real Estate for Sale: Fifty Shades of Green

We always smile when visitors to Georgia tell us “it’s so green”! Pine trees, marshes, golf courses and the lawns of well-manicured estates delight visitors all year round. However, there’s a deeper sense of the more than fifty shades of green blessing Georgia terrain that visitors sometimes miss. It can be seen to best advantage in the marshes, in the quiet forests listening to … [Read more...]

Sea Island Real Estate: Come Celebrate Summer in the South and Stay a Spell

Are y’all ready for some southern cuisine, cocktails and toe-tappin’ music? We hope so because it won't be long before a brand new festival kicks off on a very familiar piece of real estate on Sea Island. Dubbed the Southern Grown Festival, it promises to be a full-fledged feast for the senses. Dine on the foods that helped make Coastal Georgia famous while listening to the Atlantic … [Read more...]