Robert Abbot, the St. Simons Racial Reformer

An important part of St. Simons Island's history, as well as the history of racial equality in America, was played by the Island-born native named Robert Abbott. Humble Beginnings Characterized  as "the Lonely Warrior" by the biographer Roi Ottley, Robert Abbott was born on St. Simons Island in 1868 to former slave parents. He attended Hampton Institute in Savannah, and when he came of age … [Read more...]

St. Simons Island Fun Fitness Options

Some people enjoy the structure of a fitness studio over more alternative exercise options. If you are new to the area or are considering property options in St. Simons Island, here are a few local fitness studios that you can easily enjoy. Anytime Fitness This aptly named fitness studio is open 24-hours a day, all days of the year. Whether you're a visitor or a resident, there are rate … [Read more...]

A History of the Cloister of Sea Island

Sea Island has a gorgeous scenery and a dynamic history. The combination of these two details make it a fascinating place to call home, for those looking into Sea Island, Georgia real estate. The Cloister is a historic hotel in the area, and at a simple glance you can see why the location is so significant. 1920s Roots The gorgeous Cloister was originally commissioned and opened in 1928 by … [Read more...]

Ghost Touring in Downtown Brunswick

Why take the same old historic tours in Georgia when you can take a historic ghost tour? That’s what you can discover in the town of Brunswick—a blend of written history and goulish mystery. Rated five stars on Trip Advisor, here’s why you should include this in your adventures as you scout out the Sea Island, GA real estate market this October. ‘Tis the Season for Hearses and Curses With … [Read more...]

The Trees with Faces: Nature Art Near Sea Island

It’s a quick ride from Sea Island over to St. Simons Island, and some mysterious tree carvings await you on your visit. Faces carved into tree trunks aren’t just a Game of Thrones trope—but a mysterious attraction you can find waiting for you on a St. Simons Island visit. Get the team ready, because a scavenger hunt to find the most faces carved into the island’s oak trees awaits you! Who … [Read more...]

Fall into St Simons Island Real Estate

Fall and winter on Georgia's Golden Isles are spectacular--warm enough for days on the marsh, the golf courses, and the beach, and cool enough for evenings by the fire. The phrase "sweater weather" could have been coined for St Simons Island. After the heat and humidity of the summer months, the average daily highs are in the high 70s, and the lows don't get much below 40. August on St Simons … [Read more...]

Sea Island Charter Fishing: Catching Kingfish

There are so many pastimes to enjoy along the Georgia coast, and taking a charter fishing adventure is prime on the list. There are so many gorgeous types of fish that you can aim to catch in the region, and one of the most iconic is the kingfish. Whether you’re chasing a great thrill, or looking for a trophy, here are a few things to keep in mind about charter fishing for kingfish in Sea … [Read more...]

Invest in Beauty — Sea Island Real Estate

Don't waste another warm, sunny day in the confines of your everyday life. Get to Sea Island. The summer days are winding down, but the home prices will not. Sea Island continues to soar in popularity as the real estate values keep climbing. Sea Island, Georgia real estate first grabbed investors' attention in 2004 when George W. Bush hosted the G8 summit on the shores of Sea Island's sunny … [Read more...]

St Simons Real Estate–What’s Right For You?

If you've spent any time at all on St Simons or Sea Island, you know what they have to offer--pristine beaches, lots of history, great shopping and dining, amazing marshes and nature, and fantastic golf courses. So it's only natural that this is where you want your second home or retirement home, the only real question is what sort of home do you want? Are you a laid-back on the beach type, or … [Read more...]

Upcoming September Events In St. Simons

Do you love the beautiful, whimsical St. Simons? There's so much to see and do here that you'd never get tired of the area, but did you know about the exciting events St. Simons residents hold every month? Check out these September events, guaranteed to make your week! September 9th: A deliciously stuffed farmer's market with live music, local artists, freshly baked goods, and the best … [Read more...]