Why Sea Island Makes for a Great Vacation Home Destination

Finding a great vacation getaway destination is extremely important. For those that are looking for a destination that provides great value and plenty of activity, Sea Island, Georgia is an amazing option. There are several reasons why you should consider buying a vacation property on Sea Island, Georgia. Outdoor Adventure The main reason why you should consider buying your vacation property … [Read more...]

Sea Island Real Estate: Where Seamanship Courses and Private Docks Reign Supreme

Has searching Sea Island waterfront real estate listings left you wondering about boats? If so, we're not surprised. Many seaside parcels have layouts that are perfect for first-time boaters and experts alike. Let's take this Forest Road property for example. It boasts easy access to a private boat dock, which opens up opportunities to sail both salt and fresh waters situated around the Golden … [Read more...]

Test your endurance and help the turtles with Jekyll Island’s “Turtle Crawl”

Exercise has benefits such as increased heart health, lower risk for disease, and lower stress levels. When it comes to setting goals, it's always best to have an 'end date' in mind- if you're looking to get healthier this year, why not set a goal to run on the weekend of May 14th on the beautiful Jekyll Island? For beginners, intermediate, or triathlon-level athletes, the "Turtle Crawl" on … [Read more...]

Historic Green Space to Explore: Benefits of St. Simons Real Estate Ownership

St. Simons real estate goes beyond the multi-million dollar homes with spectacular, ocean views. There are plenty of green spaces on the island too and one of the more popular, up and coming areas is Cannon's Point. Cannon's Point has been a part of island history for centuries but wasn't open for public exploration until 2012. It was purchased at that time by a group who sought to preserve it, … [Read more...]

Enjoy Touring the Natural Wonders of the Georgia Marshes

Sandy beaches and seaside sun are great to look forward to when visiting oceanside areas in Georgia. It may be easy to forget that tourists can also enjoy the gorgeous natural scenery and wildlife of the southern marshlands where salt and freshwater meet. Take a Guided Tour Depending on the area, guided tours of the marshes area available to tourists and residents through conservation … [Read more...]

Enjoy these Hidden Gems on St. Simons

Beautiful St. Simons island in Georgia offers numerous activities and events to partake in. But have you ever wondered what living there is like? Well, you can now jump in head first and live like a local by enjoying some of these hidden gems of the island. Who knows, you may love it so much that you'll want to become a local yourself, and own a home right by the beautiful beaches of St … [Read more...]

Why You Should Buy a Vacation Home on Saint Simons Island

Having a beachside escape as a vacation property is a dream for many people. One great option for a vacation getaway is to have a second home on Saint Simons Island, which is conveniently located off the coast of Georgia. There are many features of Saint Simons Island that can make it a great option for you. Amazing Beaches One of the biggest draws to Saint Simons Island is the expansive … [Read more...]

Discover the Art Galleries of the Sea Island Area

Do you have a taste for the arts? There are a few choice galleries in the Sea Island area that can offer the perfect respite from the ocean and sand for new and potential residents of the area. Here are the best galleries to check out. Anderson Fine Art Gallery The Anderson Fine Art Gallery is a prime destination for fine art in the Golden Isle area, including original paintings and … [Read more...]

Mysterious Ghost Stories of the Golden Isles

South Georgia may be known for it's sunshine and sand, but the Golden Isles can boast one other claim to fame: ghosts! The area has its range of urban legends and ghost stories that have stood the test of time as tales of mystery and intrigue. Here are a few of the most popular local ghost stories. Ebo's Landing Ghosts A touch of morbid melancholy surrounds the tales of the Ebo's Landing … [Read more...]

Kayak Year-Round On the Golden Isles

South Florida has its recreational perks because of the warmer temperatures year-round. This means that kayaking fans get to enjoy a trip out on local waters no matter the season. St. Simons Island Kayaking If you already know your way around with a paddle, you can find self-guided tours through kayaking the Village Creek Landing and Hampton River Marina waterways. Get a glimpse of some … [Read more...]